Prayag e-TDS Software

Internet Connection Required

There are certain features of the software, such as TRACES downloads, PAN Verification, Online update etc, which will not work if the internet connection is absent. Moreover, the data entry and file generation in TDSMAN software can be used without internet connection.


The software has an in-built feature for checking for the latest version of the software and notifying the user to update if there is any new update available. On clicking the update link on this notification, the new update is downloaded automatically. In case the internet connection is absent the update then can downloaded from our website

What is 27 A

Form No. 27A is a control chart of quarterly e-TDS/TCS statements to be filed in paper form by deductors/collectors alongwith quarterly statements. It is a summary of e-TDS/TCS returns which contains control totals of 'amount paid' and 'income tax deducted at source'. The control totals of 'amount paid' and 'income tax deducted at source' mentioned on Form No. 27A should match with the corresponding control totals in e-TDS/TCS return. A separate Form No. 27A is to be filed for each e-TDS/TCS return.

While Submitting 27 A

Form 27A is generated by TDS/TCS FVU (File Validation Utility). (With effect from February 1, 2014). There is no overwriting/striking on Form No. 27A. If there is any, Please make necessary changes in the file, validate and generate new Form 27A from File Validation Utility (FVU). Name and TAN of deductor and control totals of 'amount paid' and 'income tax deducted at source' mentioned on Form No. 27A should match with the respective totals in the e-TDS/TCS return. All the fields of Form No. 27A are duly filled. The Form 27A needs to be signed by the responsible person.

24q Form

For filing the returns of salaried employees, Form 24Q has to be selected. In this form the deductions made are under section 192A (Payment done to government employees), section 192B (payment done to non-government employees) or section 192C (payment done to union-government employees).

26q Form

For filing of returns of the deductees other than employees residing under domestic territory, Form 26Q has to be selected. This includes payment of contractors, professionals, rent, interests, commission etc.